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14 years of conquering Vietnamese customers of Honda Air Blade

Air Blade was born after its rival but captured the hearts of the Vietnamese, the first generation selling nearly 460,000 vehicles, becoming one of the mainstays of Honda Vietnam.

In the first year of launching Vietnamese customers, from April to December 2007, Honda sold nearly 76,000 Air Blade cars. At the end of 2011, the last year of the first generation, the number was 460,000, 6 times higher than 2007. The Air Blade is one of the typical examples of Honda’s success in Vietnam, creating momentum for the following models. This is like Vision or SH Mode.

Honda Air Blade is glossy red.

The great influence of the first generation Air Blade is the pressure that Honda has to make big enough upgrades for the next generation, if it wants to maintain the momentum of success. First, Air Blade 2009 has electronic fuel injection. In 2011, car styling is renewed. 125 cc engine equipped in 2012, replacing the previous 110. In 2015, the Air Blade has a new design and a smartkey is equipped in 2017. In the last days of 2019, Honda Vietnam introduced the Air Blade 150, sold in parallel with the 125 and added ABS brakes.

The Japanese airline’s timely improvements help Air Blade to contribute a large part to Honda’s number of 80% of the motorcycle market share in Vietnam. This model is currently the third best-selling model, behind Vision and Wave Alpha. In 2011, 2013 and 2014, Air Blade was “king of sales” in the Vietnamese car market.

In the current version, the Air Blade has double lights similar to Winner X, inspired by Honda’s large displacement models. The bodywork is stronger, masculine and more balanced than the flat-floor models like Vario (Old Click). The 125 cc version has a capacity of 11.2 horsepower. Version 150 cc with a capacity of 13 horsepower, shared from Honda SH seniors. Lighter than SH, the Air Blade promises a more dynamic operating feeling.

Honda Air Blade Black Edition version.

Honda Air Blade Black Edition version.

In the new version, Honda Air Blade has a smart key and lock system, anti-theft warning function. Digital vehicle dashboard, with 12W USB charging port in the trunk. ABS brake technology is equipped, assisting the driver in urgent braking, slippery roads.

Vietnamese guests can use the My Honda + app to look up vehicle information. Honda offers a 3-year or 30,000 km warranty for the Air Blade, whichever comes first. This is an advantage compared to buying non-genuine cars, importing them privately.

Air Blade in Vietnam currently has a suggested price of VND41.19 million for the 125 cc version and from VND 55.19 million for the 150 cubic centimeter version. From now to June 7, customers who buy Air Blade 150 get 1.5 million VND support from the company to register a vehicle, a part of the program “Dynamic Journey – Vehicles must be worthy”.

Tuan Vu
Image: HVN.


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