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16 people once lived together, did not save money even to eat, know the story of Rajkumar Rao

Rajkummar Rao Lifestyle: There are many actors in the Hindi cinema world who have made an identity on their own without any God Father. Rajkumar Rao is also among these artists. The actor’s film The White Tiger, which made its film debut with the film Love Sex and Cheat, came on the OTT platform a few months back. National Award winner Rajkumar Rao may have reached the milestone of fame today, but his stars rose after many days of many struggles. Let’s know his story –

Lived with 16 people: Rajkumar Rao had told in an interview that he lived in the joint family in Gurgaon, where 16 people lived in the same house. Remembering the old days, Rajkumar Rao had said that he came from an ordinary middle-class family. After this, even after coming to Mumbai, he shared the room with his two friends.

Last days in conflict: Rajkummar Rao moved to Mumbai due to his passion for acting, where he initially faced many difficulties. At that time, he used to get Rs 10,000 for a small ad, which made it difficult to live. He used to spend 7 thousand in paying the rent of the house and for the remaining expenses he needed from 15 to 20 thousand, while only 18 rupees were left in his purse. So many times they had to stay hungry. Then the prince, who wandered from rate to rate to audition, had to eat several times by borrowing from friends.

First good news from mother’s share: He gave 3 to 4 tests for the film ‘Love, Sex and Cheat’. One day when he was alone at home, he came to know about his selection in the film over the phone. He first told this good news to his mother. Rajkumar says that those days he used to go to audition on a friend’s bike which affected the face. Then in the name of makeup, he used to be happy only by washing his face with rose water.

How is life now? According to many reports, Rajkummar Rao’s wealth has increased considerably through movies and advertisements. He has an income of around Rs 43 crore. Recently, he has bought his first 2-floor luxurious apartment in Mumbai. They believe that the house should be such that it gives itself peace and peace. They don’t like shiny things. Rajkumar worked hard to decorate every corner of this house built in 2 years.

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