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3 simple steps but effectively save phone battery

Sunday, July 18, 2021 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

If your phone runs out of battery fast, please refer to the article below.

Turn off unnecessary apps

You use your phone, but opening multiple apps at the same time consumes battery life. So to save battery you should remove unnecessary applications.

Specifically with Android, you should use Advanced Task Killer to automatically remove apps. In iOS, double-press the Home key and delete apps from the multi-function category.


Turn on screen dark mode

Turning on the bright screen mode is a scary “battery eater”. Most phones have an auto-brightness mode that adjusts to ambient light and system activity, helping to reduce battery usage. However, you will save even more battery if you reduce the screen brightness to the lowest acceptable level.

If your phone uses an AMOLED screen, choose a dark wallpaper or a black wallpaper to maximize battery life.

Turn on power saving mode

Turn it on when your battery drops low. On some Android phones, power saving mode can be activated automatically when your battery drops to a certain percentage.


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