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3 tips you may not know when video calling with Zalo

Saturday, May 15, 2021 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Zalo is a free chat and call application with many interesting options.

Make phone calls to specific team members

This is a new feature of Zalo that is very popular with users. You can call many people at once, maybe all members of the group, only specific people.

To do this, you open the group’s conversation > click on the group call icon in the top right corner > choose to call all group members, or just a few arbitrary members at the “Reselect participants” section. family”.

Select the specific members of the group you want to video call.

Split screen when video call

When video calling with relatives or friends via Zalo, users have many ways to automatically adjust the call screen, thereby making it easier for them to see clearly the other’s face and also themselves or other members.

To be able to split the screen when calling a video, click on the ellipsis icon in the left corner > select “Split”. At that time, your call screen will be split in half so that both sides’ faces are enlarged and you can still talk normally.

3 tips you may not know when video calling with Zalo - 3

Option to split screen when video call.

Minimize call screen

This is a very cool feature of Zalo that few free calling applications have. While a call is in progress, you can exit the call screen and do other things like surf the web or read the newspaper. At that time, the call is still maintained and is not affected.

You can do this with Zalo on both Android and iOS operating systems. First, you open the “Settings” section of Zalo > select “Call” > turn on the “Screen the screen when video calling” feature. This feature applies to both regular video calls and audio calls.

3 tips you may not know when video calling with Zalo - 4

Option to minimize the screen when video calls, you may have to set up additional permissions for Zalo if required.


How to install Zalo lock code to not be able to read messages secretly

If your Zalo has sensitive conversations that need security, you should set a lock code for it.


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