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40 years have passed but still Hindi .. – Maneka Gandhi took a dig at Sonia Gandhi’s Hindi, see

Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s Hindi is being discussed in the political corridors. Due to not being able to speak Hindi properly, opposition leaders have been seen taking a jibe on many occasions. His brother-in-law and BJP MP Maneka Gandhi also once took a jibe at his Hindi. Maneka Gandhi had said that it has been many decades since Sonia Gandhi lived in India, but she has not yet been able to learn Hindi, but reads it after seeing Hindi written in English.

In the year 2012, Maneka Gandhi took a jibe at her sister-in-law’s Hindi in front of the media. Maneka Gandhi had said, ‘Now she has been in India for more than 40 years and still she reads her speech. That speech is also written in English. I do not know who writes, that much I know what is the need of writing.

Maneka Gandhi further says that the people of our country go abroad and learn the language there in a year, then why could Sonia Gandhi not learn it. He said, ‘Our people go to England, go to America, do not know a word of English and speak fluent English within a year, so if we can learn it comfortably then they can also learn Hindi.’

In the years that followed, Maneka Gandhi made many attacks on Sonia Gandhi. During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Maneka Gandhi raised questions on Sonia Gandhi’s assets. He had attacked Sonia Gandhi a lot and said that she had brought so much money from Italy in dowry.

The relationship between Sonia Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi was not always like this. Maneka Gandhi was married to Sanjay Gandhi on 23 September 1974 after 5 years of marriage of Sonia and Rajiv. Then the daughters-in-law of the Gandhi family had a lot of love and both used to live like friends.

Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were not attached to politics, here Sanjay Gandhi was considered the successor of Indira Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi was also very interested in politics.

But in 1980, Sanjay Gandhi suddenly died in a plane crash, after which Maneka Gandhi was very broken. When Indira Gandhi talked about making Rajiv Gandhi her successor, Maneka Gandhi got a big setback.

According to the book by author Javier Moreau, Maneka Gandhi was dreaming of taking over the political legacy of Sanjay Gandhi but when this did not happen, she often objected to Indira Gandhi.

It is said that the talk between the two increased so much that Indira Gandhi expelled Maneka Gandhi from the house in 1982. This dispute had an effect on the relationship between Sonia and Maneka Gandhi.

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