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5 days left to receive a 200 million discount when buying a VinFast car

Customers who buy VF e34 before June 30 will receive a discount of VND 590 million and a free one-year battery subscription; deposit 50 million VND before 31/7 receive 100% registration fee.

Specifically, according to the policy announced by VinFast since the sale of VF e34, customers who deposit before June 30 will be able to buy a car at a preferential price of only VND 590 million, with a free year of battery subscription. The total value of these two incentives is more than 100 million VND. If customers deposit 10 million VND, customers will be supported to refund, cancel, transfer or change the deposit to another model if they do not want to receive the VF e34. However, if you deposit 50 million VND and commit to receive the car, customers will be given an additional 100% of the registration fee. Thus, there are about five days left for customers to enjoy all three incentives worth nearly 200 million dong, if they deposit 50 million dong before June 30.

VF e34 electric car is deeply discounted,

This is a special promotion program of VinFast for the electric car model VF e34. The representative of the unit said that the Government is currently studying and considering a proposal on the pilot exemption of excise tax and registration fee for electric cars within the next five years.

In case the proposal is not approved, VinFast will support customers with 100% of the registration fee to reduce rolling costs. If the proposal is approved, the electric car will be exempted from the registration fee, the corresponding amount (up to 70 million VND) will be deducted directly from the car price. The condition to enjoy this offer is that customers make a deposit of 50 million VND before July 31 and do not refund, cancel, transfer or change the deposit.

VinFast representatives also emphasized that these incentive programs are aimed at accompanying and supporting customers to realize their aspirations to protect the environment, when traveling with the VF e34 smart electric vehicle. A flexible, consumer-friendly deposit policy also contributes to the attraction of this model, with nearly 4,000 orders placed after 12 hours of opening.

The model received 4,000 orders after 12 hours of opening.

The model received 4,000 orders after 12 hours of opening.

Right from its launch, VinFast VF e34 – a smart electric car model has been impressed by a series of advanced equipment and facilities. The C-sized electric SUV is capable of traveling up to 300 km per full charge, with a 15-minute fast charging feature for a distance of 180 km. The vehicle is supported by a comprehensive ecosystem with about 40,000 electric car charging ports across the country and smart vehicle management and connection applications.

VinFast pioneered the deployment of a battery rental model instead of selling cars with batteries as usual. The price of the car is therefore reduced by at least 200 million dong, in addition, users will not have to worry about the quality and life of the battery during use. When the battery capacity is less than 70%, customers will be exchanged for a new battery completely free of charge.

Monthly battery rental cost is 1.45 million VND for a maximum travel distance of 1,400 km. Going beyond the above number, users will pay an additional 998 VND/km. If the cost of electric charging is added, equivalent to about VND 484/km, the total cost of battery rental and charging will be VND 1,482/km, equivalent to the operating cost of a petrol car. In the first year, the company waives battery rental fees for users, equivalent to an amount of 17.4 million VND.

As a smart electric vehicle, VinFast VF e34 supports remote software updates, automatically diagnoses and warns of vehicle problems, plans journeys, calls emergency services, locates and comes to charging stations, dealers, monitoring battery charge status, vehicle operation history, warning of theft risk, learning and remembering user usage habits, voice commands… All vehicles Sold with a 10-year warranty, which is unprecedented in the company.

VinFast representative expressed that, with great preferential policies and a series of modern technologies, VF e34 is expected to continue writing successfully for VinFast in Vietnam, proving that electric cars can be the right vehicle for everyone. contribute to the formation of green cities in the future.

Minh Huy (Image: VinFast)


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