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5 kg too much on the scales, the biggest failure in UFC history at the weigh-in

LE SCAN SPORT – Rafael Alves’ fight against Patrick Sabatini has been called off. To explain this fiasco on the scale, the Brazilian has used the pretext of health problems linked to indigestion after eating salmon.

Standing on the scale, Rafael Alves cannot let out a few tears. A furtive “sorry” escapes from his mask after joining his hands as if to implore forgiveness. A few seconds before, the person in charge of the weighing had announced the verdict of the scale: 157.5 pounds. The Brazilian has just been confirmed that he weighs 12.5 pounds too much (5.6 kg) to be allowed to face Patrick Sabatini.

The bout in the featherweight category has logically been called off. With such a weight, Rafel Alves could not even have fought in the top category! A monumental failure that allowed the South American to set a new record for excess weight at the weigh-in before a UFC fight. In 2012, Anthony Johnson had exceeded the limit of 11 pounds (197 against 186 allowed) before facing Vitor Belfort.

Rafael Alves tried to explain this monumental fiasco. “I got sick during my weight loss. I’m sorry, ”he first pretended before mentioning a problem linked to the consumption of fish the day before weighing. “I ate salmon and got sick. I had vomiting and diarrhea. The doctor told me I had to treat him with water. I only had 4.4 pounds to lose (2.2 kg) but when I drank water, I regained weight, ”he added before concluding, to respond to his detractors. : “I know a lot of people criticize me, but I don’t care. Jesus was the son of God and he was criticized for all his power, so imagine me, an imperfect man on Earth? ”


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