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5 most annoying things when using iPhone and how to fix it

Wednesday, 11/17/2021 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

Despite being one of the best mobile operating systems today, iOS still has points that make users feel uncomfortable.

Turn off lock screen search

When using iPhone, you can find information right from the lock screen. However, this feature can sometimes be annoying if you are in need of a quick check of notifications or the like.

To disable the search feature on the lock screen, go to Settings – Face ID & Passcode (Face ID and passcode), then turn off the Today View and Search option (see today and passcode). search).

From now on, users can easily check their friends’ notifications right from the lock screen, without having to worry about activating the wrong search mode.

Turn off lock screen search. Photo: MINH HOANG

Turn off Shortcuts notifications (shortcuts)

Shortcuts is a tool that allows you to quickly do a few things on your iPhone, for example, create GIFs from recent photos, share WiFi passwords, lock apps, etc. However, when using these features, you will get a series of messages saying that Shortcuts (shortcuts) have been activated.

To turn off the above notifications, go to Settings (settings) – Screen Time (use time) – See All Activity (see all activities). Next, users just need to find the section Notifications (notifications) – Show more (show more) – Shortcuts (shortcuts), then turn off the option Allow notifications (allow notifications).

5 most annoying things when using iPhone and how to fix it - 2

Turn off shortcut notifications. Photo: MINH HOANG

Replace Apple apps with other options

Most smartphones today come pre-installed with a series of default applications, and the iPhone is no exception, such as Podcasts, Pages, Mail… However, there are many of these applications that are almost always we never touch.

Therefore, if you don’t like using the default apps, you can completely remove them from the home screen by pressing im on the app icon, and selecting Delete app. When finished, users only need to download their favorite software through the App Store, such as Google Maps, Google Chrome…

5 most annoying things when using iPhone and how to fix it - 3

Remove default apps on iPhone. Photo: MINH HOANG

Change default browser and email client on iPhone

Apple often recommends that users use the default applications (Safari, Mail …) to get the best performance, however, these applications do not have many necessary features.

To change the default browser on your iPhone, you first need to download a third-party browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

After that, users only need to access Settings (settings), find the application that they want to set as the default browser and follow the instructions until done.

5 most annoying things when using iPhone and how to fix it - 4

Change the default browser on iPhone. Photo: MINH HOANG

Similarly, users can also install Gmail, Outlook … to replace the default Mail application on iPhone.

Cut down on spam with Notification Summary

Surely all of us will feel tired if we have to receive dozens of calls, messages, notifications every day…

To limit the above situation, you can enable the Notification Summary feature by going to Settings – Notifications – Scheduled Summary (scheduled summary).

Besides, users can even choose which apps have a lot of notifications to include in the summary list.

5 most annoying things when using iPhone and how to fix it - 5

Notification summaries make things look neater. Photo: MINH HOANG



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