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5 new points on car registration from October

Circular 16/2021 of the Ministry of Transport guiding many new points on the inspection cycle of transport business vehicles, adding cases of temporary registration.

Instead of Circular 70/2015, the Ministry of Transport on August 12 issued Circular 16/2021, effective from October 1 to. Here are 5 new points about car registration regulations to be applied in early October:

Cars that have not paid the “cold” fine are temporarily registered for 15 days

A vehicle is registered in Hanoi on September 26. Photo: Van Loc

According to the provisions of Circular 16/2021, motor vehicles that are warned on the Inspection Management Program according to the provisions of Clause 12, Article 80 of Decree No. 100/2019, will still be received and registered at the centers. registration, but the certificate of inspection, the stamp of inspection is only valid for 15 days.

Article 80 of Decree No. 100/2019 stipulates that, for vehicles subject to cold fines, if the vehicle owner does not come to settle the case after the deadline, the person with the sanctioning competence shall send a notice to the Registry Department for inclusion in the list. vehicle warnings related to administrative violations on the Inspection Management Program.

When vehicle owners fulfill their responsibility to pay administrative fines for traffic violations, the person with sanctioning competence shall immediately notify the Registry Department to remove them from the list of “warning” vehicles under the Inspection Management Program. The vehicle was then inspected normally.

Removed the requirement to present CIT insurance upon registration

From October 1, car owners do not need to present compulsory civil liability insurance as before when taking their cars for first and periodic registration.

When registering a car for the first time, the procedure includes: presenting the vehicle registration certificate (the original or the registration appointment letter issued by the traffic police department, or the original mortgaged by a credit institution or bank), followed by a copy of the factory quality inspection sheet of domestically manufactured and assembled vehicles (except for liquidated motor vehicles), submitting the original of the certificate of inspection and renovation for the case of converted vehicles.

For cars with periodic registration, the vehicle owner only has to present the vehicle registration certificate (the original, the original mortgage receipt at a credit institution, or the appointment letter for vehicle registration in case the vehicle has changed its name). ).

Civil liability insurance is no longer required for registration, but it is still a mandatory document for a vehicle to be valid on the road.

Stamps for distinguishing transport business vehicles

Circular 16/2021 of the Ministry of Transport promulgating new model inspection stamps to distinguish between cars doing transport business and cars not doing transport business.

Design registration stamps for cars from October 1, according to the provisions of Circular 16/2021 of the Ministry of Transport.  Photo taken from Circular 16/2021

Design registration stamps for cars from October 1, according to the provisions of Circular 16/2021 of the Ministry of Transport. Photo taken from Circular 16/2021

Accordingly, in the oval shape, if the stamp is yellow and green (like the photo above) it is a transport business vehicle, if the vehicle is blue and green (or all yellow with the previous inspection stamp 01/01/2022) is a non-transport vehicle (ordinary personal vehicle), printed with the digits of the month and year due for inspection. Between the number of months and years print the license plate.

Inspection certificates and inspection stamps issued by registration centers for motor vehicles before October 1, 2021 are still valid until their validity period expires.

Transport business vehicles must declare

Circular 16/2021 stipulates that vehicle owners must declare their transportation business on a record monitoring sheet according to the form issued with this Circular.

Increase inspection cycle of transport business vehicles

Transport business vehicles with up to 9 seats are inspected for the first time with a 24-month cycle, which is an increase of 6 months compared to the provisions of Circular 70/2015. Subsequent cycles are every 12 months (increase of 6 months). However, this only applies to new or used cars less than 5 years old.

For vehicles used for more than 5 years, the periodic registration cycle is every 6 months as at present.

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