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6 reasons why you should stop using pirated Windows immediately

Many people often have a habit of using pirated Windows to experience the full range of features, however, this contains many risks.

In Vietnam, the term pirated Windows refers to a form of piracy, “jailbreaking” the product to use its full features without paying the developer.

1. Did not receive the update

Microsoft regularly releases updates for Windows to fix security holes and add many new features.

If Microsoft finds that the version of Windows you are using is invalid, they will not provide updates. This means that the computer will be more vulnerable to attacks and risks are always lurking around.

2. Windows “piracy” is less secure

If you store data and work mainly on your computer, using a pirated version of Windows can be a bad decision.

Because it is not updated, your computer will easily become the target of malware, ransomware, etc. Not to mention that pirated versions of Windows can also be integrated by crooks with viruses.

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3. Unstable system performance

Regular updates will help improve system performance and vice versa. If you do not update your system for a while, your computer’s performance will decrease significantly.

So, if you don’t want your system to crash, freeze or take a long time to process, stay away from piracy.

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4. Can’t use full features

Microsoft can detect fake licenses at any time, resulting in you losing access to the services you’re using, even if you’ve already paid.

Besides, the company may also block you from accessing most of their products.

5. Hackers can track you

When you use a valid key to activate Windows, the system will automatically establish a connection with the Microsoft server. On the contrary, if you activate Windows using third-party tools, it is more likely that your computer will be tracked by hackers.

In addition to stealing personal information, crooks can also change important data. To be on the safe side, it’s best to stop using pirated software and illegal tools to activate Windows.

6 reasons why you should stop using 'pirated' Windows immediately - 5

6. Influencing the company

In most cases, you won’t be penalized for using pirated Windows. However, you can suffer serious consequences if you are using pirated Windows on a company machine, office, etc.

If someone catches you using pirated Windows, they can report this to Microsoft or authorized companies. Microsoft can then take legal action against you, which is more than just a fine, it can also put you behind bars.

Considering the risks and hassles associated with pirated Windows, you’re better off buying a genuine copy of Windows. The price of the product is relatively cheap, and this can protect you from invisible damage in the future.

In case you can’t afford the genuine version, you should use the free version. Although you may not be able to fully experience the features, you will avoid a lot of risks.


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According to Xiao Ming (Ho Chi Minh City Law)


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