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’73 years old I still drive well ‘

I drove 120 km / h on the Hanoi-Hai Phong highway, the right front tire was blown out.

I was born in 1948 (73 years old), a retired government official, but my health is still normal. On the afternoon of April 5, on the highway Hanoi-Hai Phong, I drove alone with a maximum speed of up to 120 km / h. My car had suddenly blown on the right front tire, but I was still strong enough to turn each screw by hand and change the tire. My eyes are still bright (wearing glasses while driving just to pose), my ears can still be heard …

I have a motorcycle license 2-wheel large displacement (from 175 cm3 or more) and a license of B2 class cars since 1995. In fact, my long service safety is only from 2012 to present. I use a cheap VAN, with a manual numbered Chevrolet Spark Lite. I use a self-drive car to visit my hometown, go to the supermarket, or go out, visit friends … When I was working, I rarely had to drive by myself. But if you can go anywhere (by car), there are “road officers” who are responsible for driving.

So with the question “should old people drive themselves to the street”, I think that if they have good health and of course they must have a valid license, the elderly will still drive themselves to the normal street.

However, the elderly need to know by themselves “listen to their body”, do not let “get old, break the rope”. For example, a vestibular, stroke-stroke, new recovery, or parkinsonism, color blindness, epilepsy … is to voluntarily “cut drive” immediately.

Vietnamese law does not prohibit the elderly from driving motor vehicles (motorcycles, 2-wheel motorcycles and cars). Specifically, the authorities grant an indefinite license for the A1 class 2-wheeled motorcycle (GPLX). License for B2 class cars is valid for 10 years Thus, those who were granted an A1 license when they were 20 years old, by the time they were 70 years old … still carelessly drive A1 class. Or those who were granted a B2 license when they were 55 years old, by the time they are 64 years old, are old enough to drive a B2 class vehicle.

At the same time, I propose to the leaders of the Ministry of Transport to pay more attention to the “old team of drivers”. By adjusting the Circular No. 12/2017 / TT-BGTVT: regulating the duration of the license to 5 years (including classes B2 and B1) for people aged 70 years and over (regardless of male or female). Thus, the elderly 70 years of age and older, are still granted license of class B1 and B2. And when it expires (5 years), they have to re-examine their health to contribute to ensuring the current road traffic safety.

Readers Nguyen Thanh Lap


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