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80% of cars sold in Norway are electric

The Nordic country hit a new milestone on its zero-emissions journey, with 90% of new cars sold in September being pure electric or plug-in hybrid.

Data released by the Norwegian Transport Association (OFV) also shows that, of all new models sold in 2021, less than 5% will be petrol cars and a smaller percentage of diesel cars.

Also in September, if only pure electric vehicles are counted, the rate reaches 80% of total new car sales. Compared to the same period in September 2020, the increase was 46%. While electric-charged hybrid lines account for 10%. Thus, electrified vehicles account for 90% of vehicle sales.

Tesla Model S electric vehicle at a charging station in Norway. Photo: Teknisk Ukeblad

Both products leading in the Top 10 best-selling cars are from Tesla: Model Y and Model 3. In third place is the Skoda Enyaq. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid ranked fourth, also the only hybrid model in the Top 10, the rest are all-electric vehicles.

Actual sales are bringing Norway closer to the national target of all new cars sold by 2025 being zero-emissions vehicles. But if the trend maintains the current upward momentum, the country could see the last internal combustion engine car sold in April 2022.

Many factors are contributing to the increasing number of Norwegian drivers choosing electric cars over petrol and diesel cars, including new technology that helps reduce worries about journeys per charge. However, money is still the main concern.

For a long time, Norway has encouraged people to use electric vehicles and has special preferential policies. Electric cars are entitled to a 25% reduction in VAT and are not subject to the environmental protection tax that petrol and oil drivers still have to pay. In addition, other related fees are also exempted, from ferry fees or parking fees.

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