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A Catholic gathering of 190 people in the Orne at the origin of several cases of Covid

At a time when Catholics demand the rapid resumption of worship in public, the revelations fall badly. According to information from “Ouest-France”, Catholics gathered in the village of La Chapelle-Montligeon (Orne) from October 22 to 25 for a spiritual retreat organized by the Emmanuel community. The participants coming from the Great West then returned home to Brest, Angers or Nantes.

“We want mass! “: Catholics are mobilizing for the return of public services

However, on October 28, several positive cases for Covid-19 were reported. The community notified all the participants two days later, as well as the shrine where the gathering was taking place.

Neither the ARS nor the CPAM warned

However, the regional health agencies (ARS) and the primary health insurance funds (CPAM) – which take care of tracing patients and preventing their contact cases – have not been notified. there is no choice, we have to re-define ”: secret story of a decision nobody wanted

“I do not understand why the organizers did not come forward to us, declared Mathieu Frécaut, director of the CPAM of Orne to “Ouest-France”. Tracing depends on what people want to tell us.

An illegal gathering?

Did the Emmanuel community have the right to organize this gathering? According to her, there was no need for prefectural authorization up to 1,500 people.

For the Orne prefecture, “ any gathering of more than ten people on the public highway or in a place open to the public had to be declared in advance. No gathering taking place at La Chapelle-Montligeon between 22 and 25 October has been declared in the prefecture. “.

The ARS of Normandy must speak during the day on the subject.

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