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A Chinese electric car startup is coming to Europe

After reaching the milestone of 100,000 cars produced in April, the electric car company Nio confirmed its expansion into the European market, first with Norway.

In a tweet posted earlier this week, the Shanghai-based automaker revealed it would hold a press conference in Oslo, Norway on May 6. The Nordic country is said to be a good starting point for a new Chinese energy vehicle brand, because Norway is famous in the electric car world thanks to attractive policies from the government.

ET7 – Nio’s $ 69,000 electric sedan. Image: 163

According to the financial pages BenzingaNio’s first showroom in Europe could be in Oslo, and Marius Hayler – former director of Jaguar Land Rover Norway – is ready for the position of general manager Nio Norway.

Currently, Nio’s product portfolio does not have many options, with SUV models being EC6, ES6, ES8 and only sedan ET7. It is unclear what products will be shipped to Norway first.

The car hasn’t been sold in Europe yet, but Nio has a presence on the continent with a global design center in Munich, Germany, as well as a research and development (R&D) center in Oxford, UK. The company also has a base in North America and a research center specializing in technology development in San Jose, California, USA.

At home, headquarters and product research and development center are located in Shanghai. Hefei, Anhui province is home to Nio’s headquarters and manufacturing plant, while Beijing has a software research and development center.

In early April, Nio hit a milestone with the 100,000th car rolling off the production line, causing Elon Musk to tweet to congratulate.

Not only is the rising star in the electric car market, Nio is also a pioneer in the battery exchange system. Nio currently has about 200 battery exchange stations and plans to have 500 stations by the end of 2021. Many of its customers say that the main reason they choose to buy a Nio electric car over another brand’s product is also because convenient battery exchange.

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