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A legendary game of 8X, 9X has just been reborn on mobile

The “reborn” version of the legendary game Sinh Tu Mon has just been officially launched with a spectacular “makeover” in terms of both gameplay and graphics.

For the “early generation” of Vietnamese gamers, Sinh Tu Mon is a brand of towering gamers that has been very familiar and lives forever in memory. After nearly 10 years, this legendary game has officially been reborn on the mobile platform with a spectacular “makeover” in terms of both gameplay and graphics.

To increase the heat for the opening day, Sinh Tu Mon has released a cinematic trailer “Origin of Krystania – Broken Crystal” to introduce the context and part of the game’s plot. In just over 2 minutes, the trailer has partly revealed the fanciful background of the Life and Death Gate and introduced the mission “The Chosen One” – also the incarnation of gamers in the game.

Watch the trailer of Sinh Tu Mon.

In the role of the supreme commander, players will in turn collect defensive towers – each tower represents the unique characteristics and abilities of each animal. For example, the Messenger has the ability to spread and passively display the wisdom of a crow, while the Storm Sniper stands out for his rapid fire that shoots sharp hedgehogs.

In addition, players must find the direction to upgrade and combine the power between the towers to form the most suitable strategy. Players will also adventure to many different lands (attached to ranked mode), unlock undead armies and gradually form an invincible army.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the PvP (player-to-player) matches that promise to be very attractive and balanced, thanks to the depth of gameplay and the ability to combine troops, towers, and extreme magic. diversity period of Sinh Tu Mon.

There are very few cases where the game “pure Vietnamese”, created by a domestic developer is more than 10 years old like Sinh Tu Mon. Therefore, to mark this unique milestone, the ZingPlay Game Studios team (under VNG) celebrated the “rebirth” day of the Sinh Tu Mon brand with a series of unique gifts and events.

Within the first three days, all players participating in the Hunger Games will receive “exclusive” gifts that can only be found in this series of events, of which the biggest surprise is the two defensive towers with high rarity. In addition, with the core of the gameplay revolving around the spirit of PvP confrontation, Sinh Tu Mon will also launch the tournament in June 2022.

Notably, besides Vietnam’s home market, Sinh Tu Mon will be released in many countries and regions around the world. This is also the first time that Sinh Tu Mon brand has reached out to the big sea, after nearly 10 years of accompanying and building affection with the domestic gaming community.

Right now, Sinh Tu Mon is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


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