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A pope at the record store

The image is unexpected to say the least. One evening, a man in white limps out of a store in central Rome. Pope Francis visited a record store on Tuesday, January 11, before returning to the Vatican in the famous little white Fiat 500. The scene took place under the eyes of the Spanish journalist Javier Martinez-Brocal, director of the media Rome Reports, present by chance in the street that evening, and who managed to capture the moment. And whose photographs have gone around the world.

So what was Pope Francis doing at “Stereosound”, Via della Minerva, a stone’s throw from the Pantheon? After a few tens of minutes of hesitation, the answer came in the evening from the communication services of the Holy See, also surprised by the nocturnal outing of Pope Francis.

The former Archbishop of Buenos Aires actually visited old friends to bless their newly renovated store, which he regularly went to buy records. A great lover of classical music, but also a lover of tango and a fine connoisseur of Edith Piaf, François left this time with a classical music disc under his arm. He had promised his record store friends to come back to see them once pope. It is now done.

Visiting record stores is one of the small gestures made regularly by the pope, since 2013, who is keen to cultivate personal relationships, outside of all public life. And it is knowing this that the journalist who had witnessed the event wrote a message to the Pope on Wednesday to explain to him that he had not wanted to invade his private life, but rather to tell a beautiful story in short. hard times. Before reaching him, on Friday, this response signed by the pope: “The strangest thing about this diocese (of Rome) is not being able to walk the streets, to go from one parish to another. »


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