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A series of BMW cars have reduced prices, the highest is nearly 600 million

Discounted products due to high inventory include series 3, series 7, X3, X5 with a reduction of hundreds of millions of dong.

Most of the car models discounted by dealers have production years 2019 and 2020, with the highest reduction reaching nearly 600 million VND. The table below is some car models with deep discounts, according to the dealer this time there are 17 discounted products.

Version Year of manufacture Listed price Price Reduction
X3 20i 2020 2,299 2.249 50
X3 20i Xline 2020 2,629 2.579 50
X5 2019 4.199 4.049 150
X5 2020 4,549 4.469 80
320i 2020 1,899 1,759 140
320i Plus 2020 2.179 1,989 190
740Li 2019 5,369 4.789 580
740Li 2020 6.289 6.209 80
730 Msport 2020 4.369 4.199 170
730 Msport 2019 4.319 3,999 320
530i 2019 2.729 2,499 230

(Unit: million dong)

Specifically, the deepest decrease was recorded in the 740 LCI model produced in 2019 at VND 580 million, bringing the car from VND 5,369 billion to VND 4,789 billion.

Versions of the 7 series such as 730 M Sport or 730 Luxury are also reduced from 140-250 million VND depending on the version. Other models such as series 3 are also being reduced from 130-190 VND. For high-ground vehicles, the reduction was also recorded from 40-220 million VND.

Most of the discounted car models are available in all colors. Many sales staff said that after the batch of imported cars, some models will be converted to assembly form. Large inventory is the reason for the price drop.

Model 730Li M Sport in the sale. Image: BMW Le Duan

BMW is a German luxury car line imported from the US and Europe. Starting from the end of 2018, BMW Vietnam was distributed by Thaco, however, due to high valuation and large inventory, the German automaker often had to reduce selling prices to push inventory.



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