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A series of cars has just launched to Vietnamese customers in September

Four new versions with models from MPV, sedan to SUV and large pickup, priced from 559 million to 5.6 billion dong.

In September, the market welcomed 4 new models, including a large pickup model introduced for the first time in Vietnam from the US brand. Two models of a good upgrade and a special MPV version. Below is a list of car models launched this month.

Special Mitsubishi Xpander

Xpander with a special stamp set. Photo: Mitsubishi

The new MPV model adds a number of features such as a 360-degree camera, reverse sensor, a new 10-inch screen for the infotainment system (instead of the 7-inch type on the current version) Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity . The decorative appearance of the commemorative stamp set of 50,000 units sold to the Vietnamese market.

Xpander is specially developed based on the assembled AT version, priced at 630 million. Vehicles equipped with 1.5 engine capacity of 104 horsepower, maximum torque of 141 Nm, 4-speed automatic transmission. Mitsubishi’s best-selling MPV model in the segment, Xpander is continuously in the top selling car.

New Land Rover Discovery

New Discovery SUV.  Photo: Land Rover

New Discovery SUV. Photo: Land Rover

Luxury SUV model launched to Vietnamese customers in mid-September with 3 versions. Discovery 2021 upgrades the design from the inside out, adds technology and replaces new engines. Land Rover directs Discovery to family customers who like to experience cars, not only in urban areas but also with the characteristic off-road capabilities of the British car brand.

The car has two engine options, the P300 2.0 turbocharged petrol engine with a capacity of 300 horsepower and the P360 with a gasoline engine with mild hybrid technology with a capacity of 360 horsepower. Land Rover sells Discovery 2021 with 3 versions, including Discovery S P300 priced at 4,539 billion VND, Discovery SE P300 priced at 4,749 billion VND and Discovery SE P360 priced at 5,659 billion VND.

Kia K3 2022

K3 has just launched in Vietnam market.  Photo: Kia

K3 has just launched in Vietnam market. Photo: That

The Korean automaker uses the name K3 instead of Cerato. K3 2022 is a mid-cycle upgrade, changing the new identity logo, refining the design. The engine is unchanged, including 1.6 and 2.0 gasoline engines. Due to the difficult supply of components due to Covid-19, the 2.0 engine version is not available. The interior is not much different from the old version, the car still uses a handbrake, in K3 in Korea, it has been upgraded to an electronic handbrake, equipped with many customers’ expectations.

K3 design is aimed at young, experiential customers. The C-size sedan is continuously in the top selling sedan in Vietnam. Three versions include: 1.6 MT for 559 million, 1.6 Luxury for 629 million and 1.6 Premium for 659 million.

Ram 1500 – heavy duty pickup

Large pickup Ram 1500 launched.  Photo: JVA

Large pickup Ram 1500 launched. Photo: JVA

At the end of September, the Vietnamese market welcomed the first genuine imported Ram – heavy duty pickup. Meanwhile, rival Ford F-150 imports a lot but in the form of private imports. Ram 1500 sold 3 versions, priced from 5.38 billion to 5.68 billion.

In the US market, Ram 1500 is always in the top best-selling car next to Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. Large pickup – the name is quite new to the Vietnamese market, the number of customers is not for the majority. With the presence of Ram 1500, the large pickup truck line will have many other genuine distributors.

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