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A teacher attacked in the middle of a class in a high school in Seine-et-Marne

A teacher from a high school in Seine-et-Marne, violently thrown to the ground Friday by a student in still unclear circumstances, lodged a complaint on Monday, October 11, said the rectorate and the prosecution of Melun.

“Wallah push yourself right now”

Posted to social media and viewed more than 1.6 million times on Monday, the video shows the high school student standing in the classroom, headphones to his ears, a mask to his chin and a casual attitude to his teacher.

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“Step aside, ma’am”, says the student to the teacher who backs up to the front door of the classroom, telling her to ” stay here “.

The high school student continues, more vehemently: “Hey the Koran, push yourself madam, wallah push yourself right now”.

” You are at school. Hey, don’t touch me ”, answers the teacher.

The high school student then violently opens the door, throwing the teacher to the ground.

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Violence with aggravating circumstances

The Melun prosecutor’s office confirmed the teacher’s complaint. An investigation for violence with aggravating circumstances – because committed against a teacher and in a school establishment – was opened and entrusted to the police station of Melun.

The rectorate of the academy of Créteil indicated that the principal of the vocational high school of Combs-la-Ville had to file a complaint against the high school students who filmed and broadcast the video on social networks. The authorities did not specify the circumstances of the attack.

“A psychological support module has been set up by the academy”, the teacher “Was shocked”, declared Valérie Debuchy, academic director of the national education services in the department on BFMTV, after a visit to the establishment in the morning.

On Saturday, the rectorate had indicated in a press release that “The pupil (was) the subject of a measure prohibiting access to the establishment on a precautionary basis and is exposed to heavy disciplinary sanctions. A disciplinary council will be convened ”.

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Pécresse wants to restore respect for the teacher

The dissemination of the images prompted the reaction of two presidential candidates.

“A teacher from Seine-et-Marne thrown to the ground by a pupil who quotes the Koran under the sly gaze of comrades who film the scene. Unacceptable! I will put an end to this shocking Inversion of Values. I will restore respect for the professor! “, wrote the president of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse (Libres!) on Twitter.

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“Insults, threats, physical violence: the assault in #CombsLaVille is not an isolated incident, it is the daily reality in far too many of our high schools. Like the police and the mayors, I want to protect the teachers by making the school a sanctuary ”, also reacted on Twitter Xavier Bertrand, LR president of the Hauts-de-France region.

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