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About to start the Vietnam off-road car race

Hanoi77 teams are preparing to compete in the VOC 2021 off-road racing tournament at the Vietnam Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village, Son Tay from December 11-12.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Vietnam Off-road Car Race (VOC) 2021 will be held later than previous years, usually in September. VOC 2021 has 77 teams registered to attend and compete in 10 contests. day and one night line, with 4 ratings.

Vietnamese drivers compete off-road at VOC 2020. Photo: Luong Dung

This year’s tournament has new features such as 6 races at the same time, reducing the waiting time for athletes and limiting the shortening of the competition due to the influence of the weather. Compared to VOC 2020, the number of teams registered for this season’s season is less than 3, but the number of competitions has increased from 26 to 31 in 4 divisions, the organizers shared.

For the fourth consecutive year, the tournament maintains four competition classes, for different levels, including: Vietnamese pickup class, basic, advanced and extended.

Vietnamese pickup class for original pickup trucks (based on specifications). The basic class is for cars with a complete commercial version sold in Vietnam, which are allowed to upgrade the suspension system, or the tires… The advanced class is similar to the basic class but is allowed to change the engine and use it. Extreme tire… Extended class (or pro class) allows athletes to freely build and upgrade. Each class has its own safety regulations.

In addition to the changes and additions to the tournament rules, safety rules, and the use of technology in marking exams, VOC 2021 tightens safety work in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, the organizers recommend and emphasize that parents do not bring their children with them, because this year VOC 2021 bans children.

The VOC 2021 off-road car race takes place at the Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village of Vietnam, Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi, December 11-12.

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