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Access to abortion contested in US, Germany makes vaccination compulsory, ghost hunters are back in theaters

1973, Supreme Court of the United States. The nine constitutional judges legalize abortion in the country up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Since then, the country has been torn apart on the issue and the debates have never really died down, but the Supreme Court has always protected its jurisprudence.

Except that Donald Trump has been there. Today, the Court has 6 conservative judges, including three appointed by the Republican president. The Court, which had refused to rule on Texas law, agreed to take up a law of the State of Mississippi which prohibits abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Sébastien Paour, correspondent for Radio France in Washington, tells us about the tense debates that still shake the United States today on the subject and the struggle of Texans to continue to access abortion.

The Omicron variant has pushed many countries to close their land borders … and to open another border, a red line in Europe since the start of the pandemic: compulsory vaccination for all. The new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants a law before the end of the year.

Greece will impose it on over 60s while Austria has set the limit: on February 1, everyone will have to be vaccinated. Consequence of all this: the question is resting in France while several political figures, from Yannick Jadot to François Bayrou support this idea. But the government opposes it for the moment an end of inadmissibility, preferring to bet on the incentive.

Ghostbusters equipped with an ectoplasm vacuum cleaner, does that ring a bell? “Ghostbusters: The Legacy” which hits theaters today is the sequel to the cult 1984 film. And it’s not the first time that Hollywood has revived 80s films in an attempt to seduce viewers. Matteu Maestracci, film specialist in the editorial staff of franceinfo analyzes this tendency to nostalgia … and sometimes to laziness.

Guests: Sébastien Paour, franceinfo correspondent in the United States, and Matteu Maestracci from the culture department of franceinfo

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