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‘Accessories that should be retrofitted to Vios’

Only buy more accessories to ensure safety for driving, other things such as decoration are a waste of money.

Reading the share “Buying a car runs out of money, what accessories should I install?”, I think if you buy a car for the first time and can only buy a Vios and have run out of money, you are definitely driving yourself. For efficiency and economy, the advice for you is:

First, you should install the dash cam right away.

Second, you should choose good quality film, don’t need a famous brand, but don’t use cheap ones.

Third, install a tire pressure sensor mounted in the valve, with a separate alarm screen with a dash cam, a screen mounted on the dashboard, about 2 million is enough.

Fourth, you should buy an extra set of plastic or rubber mats for easy cleaning when it rains.

If you still have the cost, you can also paint the undercarriage to prevent rust and reduce some of the noise coming from the undercarriage. If you don’t have enough, then because of Vietnam’s conditions, the rain water is acidic, so it roars quickly, if you don’t paint, pay attention every time you go to the rain to work hard to spray. However, if the car has a fast item, it must be after 10 years, but 5, 7 years is still not a problem.

In particular, decorative accessories feel that when they are comfortable with money and time, find out and buy and install what they feel like, the rest is unnecessary.

Readers Hiep Hoang


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