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Acne Problem: These 5 mistakes made unknowingly cause acne face pimple

Hormonal changes in girls during adolescence and acne break out during periods. Exacerbation of acne is common, but it becomes a problem when acne starts coming out excessively. Because of this, the face deteriorates, acne also causes pain. Acne also leaves scars on the face. Which creates more trouble.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Dhananjay Chavan says, ‘Sometimes, despite a good diet and all the precautions, acne keeps coming out again and again. In such a situation, the more important thing is that you are definitely making some mistakes unknowingly, due to which acne is coming out again and again.

Are you also doing these mistakes somewhere?,

1. Frequent Medication Changes: You change your acne medicine before it takes effect. According to Dr. Chavan, give some time, so that you can know which medicine suits you and which is not. It is necessary to give time for any medicine and treatment. You must give 2 months time.

2. Using the wrong product: Choose your skin product correctly and according to your skin type. Those who have acne prone skin, those people should avoid oil base face wash and use water base face wash.

3. Sharing makeup kits with each other: Women share makeup or makeup brushes with each other. It is not right to do so. Doing so would have increased the risk of infection. Making such a mistake in acne prone skin can lead to acne. You should also clean your makeup brushes from time to time.

4. Face Wash: It is seen that people do not clean their skin at all or start cleaning too much. Wash your face twice a day with cold or normal water.

5. Sleeping With Makeup: Women make more such mistakes. Sleeping without taking off your make-up at night causes the pores to get clogged for a longer time, which can lead to acne breakouts. You sleep only after removing the makeup from your skin.

Also keep these things in mind: Experts say that a controlled and simple lifestyle is also very important. Despite all the hustle and bustle, take out at least half an hour for yourself. Do exercise or yoga etc.

Apart from this, it is also very important to take care of the food. Avoid eating fried foods especially in summers. Keep yourself hydrated. Take special care of the amount of protein in the diet. Lack of protein can also cause many problems.


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