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Actress Caroline Cellier, popular supporting role in French cinema, died at the age of 75

Actress Caroline Cellier died at the age of 75, her son Nicolas Poiret announced on social media. She died Tuesday, December 15 following a long illness, we learned from those around her.

Second popular role, Caroline Cellier, equally at home in drama and comedy, has been directed by the greatest directors. She had turned in about thirty films, 14 TV films and television plays and played in about twenty plays in the theater. She received the Gérard-Philipe Prize in 1965 and the Suzanne-Bianchetti Prize in 1967 for Croque-Monsieur and Du Vent in the branches of sassafras. César Award for Best Supporting Actress for Year of the Jellyfish in 1985, she had been appointed to Molières for A streetcar named desire in 1999.

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Caroline Cellier, whose real name is Monique Cellier, was born on August 7, 1945 in Montpellier. Daughter of a mechanic, she developed a passion for theater and cinema at a very young age and entered the Cours Simon in Paris at the age of 18. She began on the boards the same year, in 1963 and the following year, she turned in TV movies The Tamed Shrew and A girl in the mountain with Jacques Higelin.

In 1965, she played in her first film, The customer’s head by Jacques Poitrenaud, with Michel Serrault, Francis Blanche and Jean Poiret who becomes his companion. They have a son, Nicolas Poiret, screenwriter and playwright, born in 1978, and married in 1989.

Caroline Cellier toured with Claude Lelouch (Life, love, death, Marriage, 1969), with Claude Chabrol (Let the beast die, 1969), Edouard Molinaro (The sweetest confessions, 1972, The Bully, 1973). In 1982 she was the wife of Patrick Dewaere in Thousand billion dollars by Henri Verneuil. In the 1980s she was addicted to gambling in Poker by Catherine Corsini, prostitute in The Counter-alley Isabel Sebastian, crook in Wind of panic by Bernard Stora. In 1992, Jean Poiret had her play in Zebra, adaptation of the book by Alexandre Jardin. Then she stars in comedies like Didier Alain Chabat, or Pleasure (and his little worries) by Nicolas Boukhrief.

In the 2000s, she is still on screen with various works such as comedy Jean Philippe by Laurent Tuel (2006), the choral film Fragile (s) by Martin Valente (2007) or the female road movie Thelma, Louise and Chantal (2010) by Benoît Pétré.

“I am full of women at the same time. My roles make me advance as well in my job as in what I am …”, had entrusted in 2010 to Figaro the actress, always intense and magnetic on the screen.

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