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Actress Emma Watson, unforgettable Hermione in “Harry Potter”, puts her acting career on hold

Interviewed by the Daily Mail, the agent of the young actress confided her desire to put her acting career on hold to devote herself to her personal life.

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Disappointment for the fans. British actress Emma Watson, famous for playing the role of Hermione Granger in the legendary saga, seems to want to retire from the world of cinema. If the actress did not speak directly on the subject, her agent is responsible for doing so. Emma’s career is on hold “ he confided to Daily Mail before adding “She no longer makes new commitments “. Statements that the tabloid interprets as the announcement of an end of career for the young actress.

A decision Emma Watson reportedly made to spend more time with her partner Leo Robinton, a young entrepreneur who made his fortune in the legal cannabis trade in Los Angeles. “She settles in with Leo. They want to keep a low profile. Maybe she even wants to start a family.“confided a source close to magazine. A confidence that makes sense in view of the latest news. The couple, who lived still recently in Ibiza, seems to have decided to move to Los Angeles according to recent photos taken in the West American city.

Revealed at age 9 in adaptation cinematographic of Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone of JK Rowling, the actress has become an emblematic character of the saga. VSIt is therefore no great surprise that the announcement of its withdrawal had the effect of a bomb on social networks. If some understand the choice of the actress, others are saddened at the idea of ​​not seeing her on the screens for a while. A shower of reactions that propelled the name of the latter into top Twitter trends in different countries, including France and the United States.

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