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Actress Khushboo Sundar reduced her weight by 15 kg, once was 93 kg; now looks like this

Khushboo Sundar has lost about 15 kilograms. The weight of the actress used to be 93 kg at some point.

Khushboo Sundar, who has made a tremendous mark with her acting in South Indian films, has also tried her hand in the world of politics. Apart from being an actress, Khushboo Sundar is also a film producer and TV host. But recently she has come in a lot of discussion about her transformation other than her acting and political career. Actually, actress Khushboo Sundar has lost 15 kilograms, due to which her look has also changed to a great extent. The actress herself has given this information through her social media post.

Khushboo Sundar shared two pictures from her Instagram account, one of which was before her weight loss and one after her weight loss. There was a difference in the look of the actress in both these pictures. Sharing the post, Khushboo Sundar wrote, “Then and now. Nothing much has changed except for the reduction of 15 kgs.”

Let us tell you that even before this, Khushboo Sundar had shared some of her pictures on Twitter, in which her new look looked really amazing. In these pictures, the actress was seen wearing a black jamsuit. Sharing the pictures, the actress wrote, “Happiness can’t be explained when you get the fruits of your hard work.”

Weight was once 93 kg: Actress Khushboo Sundar had told in an interview to Asianet Newsable that at one point her weight was about 93 kg. The actress had said about this, “When I started working out, my weight was 93 kg. I am 79 kgs now and I want to lose 10 more kgs so that I can reach the target of 69 kgs.”

Actress routine: Khushboo Sundar had told in one of her tweets that the biggest reason for her weight loss was the lockdown. The actress wrote in a tweet about this, “The biggest reason for my transformation was the lockdown. For 70 days no one helped me and I used to handle everything myself. From sweeping to mopping, washing dishes, packing clothes, gardening and even cleaning the toilet.”

Khushboo Sundar further wrote in her tweet, “Obviously yoga and workouts also helped a lot. And I’m not one of those who eat too much.” Apart from this, in one of her comments, the actress had told that she used to work out for about two hours daily, as well as her diet was also under control, which helped her a lot in losing weight.


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