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Advertising: what are the rules for product placement in the cinema?



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On social networks, the rules concerning product placements remain rather vague. On the other hand, they are very clear in the cinema sector. Nabila Tabouri, journalist, gives details on this ancient phenomenon.

Product placement has been around for a very long time in cinema. This is the reason why it knows a strict regulation. “Whether you place a car, a barbecue or a bar of chocolate, it is allowed in films, fictions or series, and in video clips, explains the journalist. But it is prohibited in children’s programs and in the information programs. In France, the practice is very controlled by the CSA “, details Nabila Tabouri.

Product placement would become prohibited if the viewer was not informed. “The chains must inform the viewer each time a product is placed with a pictogram”, adds the journalist. Placement is a very old practice, contrary to popular belief. “The click comes with ET, the alien was devouring candy from a famous American brand. As a result, sales jumped 65%”, says Nabila Tabouri. “In France, product placement is prohibited for alcohol, tobacco, weapons, drugs or even milk for infants”, concluded the latter.

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