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After being selected for the post of DSP, Ram Vilas Paswan had reached the village to help the uncle, this happened further

Late leader Ram Vilas Paswan started politics by contesting the election of MLA on Socialist Party ticket. Ram Vilas Paswan’s first choice was not politics, but a police job. He had also spoken openly about this on several occasions. Before the 1969 Bihar assembly elections, Ram Vilas Paswan had passed the BPSC examination and was selected in the DSP. Meanwhile, an accident happened with his family.

Some people were beating Ram Vilas Paswan’s uncle. This made him very angry and he tore up a register in anger and threw it. Ram Vilas Paswan had narrated an anecdote related to this in the show ‘The Quest’ of ‘Rajya Sabha TV’. Ram Vilas Paswan had told, ‘When I was studying law, I often used to go to the village. There was a Govind uncle in my village. He had a good relationship with our family.

Ram Vilas Paswan helped uncle: Ram Vilas Paswan He further explains, ‘Some people had made a cock by tying his hands and feet. I asked what happened? I was told that he used to plow in the field and did not get any money. After the girl grew up, she started working in Kolkata. Once the Bahubali of the village would have given him money for medicine. Later our uncle said that he has brought some money, take it. They also started getting greedy.

remembering the incident Paswan says‘Initially he told less money, but later started asking for 1500 rupees. Govind uncle said that do not do this, I have to marry my daughter too. He called the village panchayat and everyone was in his favor. I was selected in the DSP and was roaming in the village when there was a crowd in the village at one place. I saw his rope tied around his neck. Going near, I opened the rope and asked what happened? From there we were brought to the register and shown that there was so much money, so I immediately took the register in my hand and tore it away. I got so angry for the first time.’

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