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After Facebook, Twitter, YouTube now banned Donald Trump, said – Video can spread violence

After the violence in the US Parliament, after Facebook and Twitter, YouTube has also banned President Donald Trump for a week. The video platform has told about the possibility of spreading violence behind this ban. YouTube said that anything posted by them could spark a fire of violence. Earlier, Twitter had suspended Donald Trump’s account forever.

Account will be banned till January 20
On January 20, Joe Biden will take the oath of office in the US and it is believed that YouTube has taken this decision. At the same time, Facebook and Instagram have also banned Donald Trump till 20 January. According to Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, the country’s Donald and Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts will be banned until the sworn in of the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Trump said we will not sit silent
At the time of permanent suspension on Twitter, Trump had 8.87 crore followers and he was following 51 people. A few hours after being banned on Twitter, Trump said in a statement, “I expected this to happen. We are talking to other sites and will make a big announcement on this soon and we are going to build our own platform in the near future We are also considering possibilities. We will not sit silent. “

He said, “As I have been saying for a long time that Twitter has gone a long way in restricting independent voices and tonight the Twitter staff along with Democrats and extremist leftists to remove my account from this platform Tied up. ” Trump said that even though Twitter may be a private company, they will not last long without the gift of Section 230 of the government.

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