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After quarreling with mother, Isha calls father Mukesh Ambani to intervene

One of the top-10 industrialists of the country, Mukesh Ambani and his family are always in the headlines for their luxury lifestyle. However, despite being so busy, all the family members give a lot of importance to their relationships with each other. Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani is married. Isha shares a special bond with her mother Neeta. The only daughter of the Ambani family, Isha is everyone’s darling.

Nita Ambani has brought up Isha Ambani like her two sons Akash and Anant. Even after marriage, Isha and Neeta have phone conversations every day. The relationship between both mother and daughter is very special. But it is not that there is never any fight between Isha and Neeta.

After the quarrel, Isha calls father Mukesh to intervene: From the very beginning, Nita Ambani has made strict rules for her three children. Sometimes Isha also gets into a fight with Neeta over these mother’s rules. This was disclosed by Isha Ambani in an interview given to Vogue magazine. Isha had told that if her quarrel with her mother escalates, she calls her father to intervene. When Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha forgot her way home

After marriage, Neeta misses her daughter a lot: In an interview to Femina in 2019, Nita Ambani had said that she misses Isha a lot after her marriage. But they know that Isha now has her own family and house, which she has to take care of. Neeta had said in the interview that she misses Isha a lot about small things, like getting ready for a night out together.

However, despite being away from her mother, if Isha has to go somewhere, she shows her outfit to Neeta through video calling.

Isha calls Neeta as Tiger Mom: A few years ago, in an interview to Vogue magazine, Isha addressed Nita as ‘Tiger Mom’. Isha Ambani had told that even after going to work, Nita used to keep an eye on everything of her children. Isha had said that her mother was very strict and no matter what happened, she would not let us take a day off from school.

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