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After the slap, Macron reforms the “double body of the king”

It’s a peaceful hobby: I scour the newspapers, the streets and the books driven by my taste for aptonyms, namely names which, by the greatest of luck, maintain a link with those who wear them; it is Marius Petipa, choreographer, or Jean-Claude Romand, the murderous storyteller. This quest is also part of an enthusiasm in the face of what André Breton called “objective coincidences” or “petrifying coincidences”. With aptonyms, we believe we can detect a volatile world order, an uncertain sign that does not refer to much (neither God, nor fatality, nor destiny) but which suggests that our disenchanted universe still has, despite everything, its part. wonderful.

Thus it will not have escaped the “Anonymous Aptonyms” that the man who recently slapped the President of the Republic was named Damien. And since it is a question of attacking the body of the governor, we inevitably remember Damiens who struck Louis XV with a knife. The supp

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