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After the slap received against Lyon, RC Toulon in operation to buy back from Leinster

Swept in Lyon (54-16), last Saturday, the RCT had a week under high tension. In Leinster, Friday (6.30 p.m.), Collazo’s men promised a reaction commensurate with the past disappointment.

Through our correspondent in Toulon,

The wind blew at the RCT Center. Strong, very strong, in heavy gusts and this time, the Mistral is not involved. After the non-match at LOU (defeat 54 to 16), a decisive meeting in the race for the top 6, all the strata of Rugby Club Toulonnais sounded the alarm. It’s been almost fifteen years since the Rade club had not collected more than fifty points in the Top 14 (May 27, 2006, in Brive, defeat 50 to 21). The task hangs on the lily of the valley. Before the trip to Leinster (Friday 6.30 p.m.), in the knockout stages of the Champions Cup, the buyout operation was launched.

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Bernard Lemaître spoke to the staff and the players. During his speech, his annoyance was palpable. The atmosphere was described as “heavy” by an actor within the club. During a muscular debrief, Patrice Collazo insisted on an abysmal statistic which is worth more than a thousand words: in Lyon, the RCT succeeded only 58% of its tackles. Disgusted by the lack of consistency of theirs, supporters deployed a banner heavy with meaning at the training center on Wednesday: “RCT: it must be earned!” Asked at a press conference, Collazo reacted: “We showed a catastrophic image, we failed. I understand the supporters, even if I am not too much of a message (about the banner, Editor’s note). ”

“We lied to each other. We lied to everyone, the people at the club and the supporters ”

Gervais Cordin

Holder at the back at Matmut Stadium, Gervais Cordin spoke truth at the dawn of the meeting at the RDS Arena against “the most prestigious opponent” of his young career: “We must keep it in mind this Lyon match. We lied to each other. We lied to everyone, the people at the club and the supporters. Friday, it will be Leinster, for the end of the season, and future seasons, it will always be necessary to keep in mind to have taken 60 points. We went for pipes in front of everyone. We must assume the performance of the week behind. You have to be afraid of this kind of attitude. You have to assume to wear this jersey. ”

In Dublin, the Reds and Blacks will have to tighten up to climb a mountain: Leinster, quadruple European champion. We have known a more affordable opponent for redemption. Collazo, still marked by the Rhone debacle, sent a message to his players: “When you do a performance like in Lyon, you should not be difficult on your opponent. Let us be ourselves… and on the safe side! We will have to miss a lot less tackles than in Lyon, that’s for sure. ” Internally, during a meeting, the players promised themselves one thing: to go to Leinster to qualify.

“I can tell you we’ll make up for it. In the preparation, we should not put pressure on ourselves. We have everything to gain “

Baptiste Serin

Faced with this challenge, Baptiste Serin, back from selection, called for a revolt: “The advantage of our job is that every weekend, we can make up for it. I can tell you that we will make up for it. In the preparation, we should not put pressure on ourselves. We have everything to gain. You have to go find something about the state of mind. We will be based on simple things. “

The Six Nations Tournament passed, the RCT greatly strengthened

Largest providers of the XV of France and weakened by a cascade of injuries during this same period, the Var have regained strength this week: “What makes me smile is that we are going to have a whole group, announces Canary. Maybe that’s what will make the difference. ” During training open to the press, Carbonel, who has a knee pain, was the only French international absent. Villière was back from a finger injury. Ollivon, Taofifenua, Rebbadj and Gros were on the meadow.

However, a doubt remains on the physical form of the Blues: “The internationals are less fresh, warned the scrum half, frustrated with his playing time with the national team. It was a long journey physically and mentally. Some have played a lot. “In front,” there will be 80% of the Irish team, “warned Collazo, despite the uncertainty hovering over Sexton, victim of a concussion:” With or without Sexton, it’s still Leinster, swept away the trainer of the RCT. They are used to playing without him. They made the Pro 14 final without him. They won. We should not focus on Sexton. ”

“It’s time to find out what we want for the end of the season. I think I know what they want “

Patrice Collazo

The RCT knows where it is going: “Our defense will have a big impact on the final score, announces Serin. The Leinster carries the ball a lot. We must counter them on this aspect. We have to come out as best as possible against their kicking game. We will have to be pragmatic. ”

Triple European champion (2013-1015), RC Toulon must now free itself from its glorious past. Olivon’s team members want to open a new chapter, after the Challenge Cup defeat against Bristol last year: “We have to start picking up the pen or we won’t write ours,” Collazo exposes. After Lyon, the time was very short. We don’t have time. It’s time to find out what we want for the end of the season. I think I know what they want. ” After the observation and the words, the place is now on the ground.


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