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After wiping out Pluto, scientists rushed to search for planet 9

Saturday 31/10/2020 11:12 AM (GMT + 7)

Scientists still believe that a ninth planet exists in the Solar System, and are actively searching for it.

Many astronomers believe that there is a mysterious planet with masses about 5-10 times the Earth, located at a distance of about 250 astronomical units, is currently hidden in the Solar System. This planet has made an impact and held on to the Kuiper belt so that it does not drift away for long.

Planet 9 has been haunting scientists for a long time.

To find this mysterious planet, American scientists used a new method and identified 17 objects on the periphery of the Solar System, possibly the 9th planet. Synthesizers Yale Malena Rice and Gregory Laughlin used a special technology to analyze thousands of images from the TESS space telescope, then make predictions about 17 objects.

“If at least one of these 17 candidate objects is real, it will give us a better understanding of the dynamics of the outer solar system,” said Yale astronomer Malena Rice. the possible properties of the ninth planet. This is interesting new information. “

After identifying 17 objects, they will personally study each with ground-based telescopes. This is quite difficult because when viewed from the Earth, most planets and celestial bodies can obscure each other because they are on the same ecliptic plane. It is also one of the difficulties in studying the rest of the Solar System.

The outer boundary of the Solar System from Neptune onwards remains a mystery to humans. It is marked with the Kuiper belt, an area of ​​many small ice objects that drift away and orbit the Sun at a distance of 40 astronomical units.

After wiping out Pluto, scientists urgently search for the 9th - 2nd planet

Kuiper belt contains many secrets that humans have not yet discovered.

Like the asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt is much wider. This region is thought to be the origin of short-term comets, such as Halley’s comet. Although it is estimated that there are about 70,000 Kuiper belt objects with a diameter greater than 100 km, the total mass of the Kuiper belt is still very small, perhaps equal to or slightly greater than the mass of the Earth.

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