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Against Inter Milan, Juventus no longer has the right to make mistakes

5th in Calcio, Juventus receives Inter (this Saturday 6 p.m.) on behalf of the 37th day of Serie A, a crucial match for the Turinese. If defeated, Juve might not play in the Champions League next year.

Since the 2011-2012 season, Juventus have dominated Italian football almost unchallenged. If last season, already, the supremacy of the Turin club was contested by Inter, Atalanta and Lazio, this year the Bianconeri have not deluded. Never in the title race, Juventus let the two Milans compete in the title battle, ultimately won by Inter. But even worse than losing the title, Andrea Pirlo’s men might not see the Champions League next season. A cataclysm for a finalist club in the 2015 and 2017 editions, announced as a candidate for final victory each year and being part of the gratin of European football. 5e with 72 points, Juventus could even say goodbye to the Champions League this weekend. Indeed, if the Turinese were to lose against Inter this Saturday and that Atalanta, who travels to Genoa, Naples, which travels to Fiorentina, and AC Milan, which receives Cagliari, win , Juve would then be eliminated from the Champions League race. An unthinkable scenario for the Piedmont club and yet a more than tangible possibility since the heavy defeat suffered last Sunday at home against AC Milan (0-3).

Reason for hope: Inter already champion

A few weeks ago, Inter Milan were crowned Italian champions for the 19e times in its history. Validation of the title could be an argument in favor of Juventus given that Inter have nothing more to play this season. However, the matches between Juventus and Inter are not like any other, on the other side of the Alps. A strong rivalry exists between the two clubs. This clash, called the Italian Derby is considered the equivalent of the classico. It’s hard to imagine the Interists ignoring this match, especially as a non-qualification of Juve in the Champions League would delight Nerrazzurri fans. In addition, the current coach of the Milan club, Antonio Conte is a former glory of Juventus and was coach of the Bianconero club between 2011 and 2014. Under the leadership of Conte, Juventus had started his return to the top of transalpine football. There is no doubt that Antonio Conte will want to see his team shine in Turin.

Nightmare season for Juventus

A non-qualification for the C1 would be the culmination of a very complicated season for Juventus, sportingly and internally. Apart from the difficulties encountered in Serie A, Juve once again failed in the Champions League this season, eliminated by FC Porto (1-2, 3-2) despite the numerical inferiority of the Portuguese in the second leg, another failure bitter against an opponent, a priori weaker. If Juventus could console themselves with the Italian Cup (final on May 19 against Atalanta), the club are also threatened with exclusion from Serie A next season. The reason: The Super League. Club instigator, with Real Madrid, of this closed league, Juve has not officially left the project despite its cancellation. Openly declared supporter of a closed European league, the president and owner of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli has maintained his club in the Super League with Real Madrid and Barça. A choice that could be expensive for the Old Lady. The president of the Italian Football League has threatened to exclude the Turin club from Serie A if he does not give up the Super League and UEFA has opened an investigation against all rebellious clubs and face sanctions. Not enough to calmly approach the deadlines to come. In Turin it is the vagueness and uncertainty that reigns.


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