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Air-conditioner is runny in the cold and how to fix it

Friday, April 9, 2021 06:00 AM (GMT + 7)

During use, it is inevitable that the air conditioner is overflowing from the cold, making you extremely uncomfortable. So what is the reason for this and how to fix it?

Cause the air conditioner is running water from the cold unit into the house

The air conditioner was runny, which was extremely uncomfortable during use. It will make the room dirty and cause unnecessary annoyances. Some of the main causes of your home’s air conditioner often watery include the following:

1. The indoor unit is dusty and not cleaned regularly

The air conditioner has been used for a long time, but if you do not clean it often, it will make it more susceptible to dirt in the drain hose. From there, the water will not completely flow through the drain pipe, but will flow back into the machine and cause a leak to the outside, flowing down your room.

2. The air conditioner installation was wrong

There may be some mistakes in the process of installing the air conditioner at home. An example would be the installation of a drain hose that slopes upwards into the machine or does not have a slope. Or install pipes that are higher than the machine’s surface, … All of which can cause the air conditioner to leak and leak into your room causing unsanitary conditions.

Installing the air conditioner incorrectly can cause it to run out of water

3. The air conditioner is short of gas

A lack of gas in the air conditioner will cause ice to appear inside the cooler. This makes the cold air unable to blow down to cool the room and causes water accumulation and water leakage in the cold. So you need to immediately contact the technician or air conditioner repairer to be fully charged and periodically for the machine.

4. Problem with the drain pan

Inside each air conditioner there is a small trough that conducts water to pour into the drainage pipe to the outside. If the drain is blocked or cracked, the stagnant water cannot drain and it will flow back into the cooler, causing the air conditioner to run out.

5. Air conditioner is cracked, broken

During the installation or maintenance, your air conditioner may experience cracking or breaking of joints and the inner plastic frame. This makes the texture of the air conditioner unobtrusive and uniform, water easily leaks out through cracks and drips down your room.

Serious effects when the air conditioner is runny

A runny air conditioner can cause a number of troublesome effects such as:

– Continuous dripping water causes unsanitary conditions, making the floor soaked and dirty.

– Water dripping onto the floor or sticking to the wall can cause the wall and floor to stain, mold, causing loss of aesthetics to the room.

Air-conditioner is running cold water into the house and how to fix it - 2

Water-flow air conditioner causes walls and floors to stain and become dirty

Long-lasting runoff can create an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to thrive. From there, causing a series of respiratory diseases for you as well as loved ones, especially children.

– Water-flowed air conditioner has a high risk of electric shock, fire and explosion if you are not careful.

How to overcome the air conditioner running water in the cold

In order to prevent leaks and drains from your air conditioner, there are a few steps you can take to consider:

– Clean the air conditioner regularly to avoid dirt. Since then, the air conditioner works smoothly and does not leak water from the cold.

– Recharge the gas periodically for the machine after a long period of use. This will prevent the air conditioner from freezing in the ice cube and provide regular cold air to the room, preventing water from draining from the unit.

The air conditioner is running water in the cold and how to fix it - 3

Clean the air conditioner regularly to prevent runoff

– If the drainage gutters are cracked, replace the new one immediately to ensure that all the water drains out through the drain pipe, not overflowing into the machine.

– If all of the above measures do not solve the watery air condition, you should immediately contact a repairman to find out the cause and fix it.

Air-conditioner is running water in copper tube

In addition to your home’s AC or cold water, the air conditioner can often run water in copper pipes. Causes of this condition can be due to:

– The installed copper pipe is exposed to gas: This happens because the installation process is wrong, so the copper pipe is not sealed, but it is open, causing cold gas to overflow and causing water flow in the copper pipe.

– The copper tube is too old: Your home air conditioner has been installed for many years, so the copper tube is old and more or less oxidized, causing the tube to leak, brittle, bend, …

– Leakage water from the drainage pipe: During the installation process, many workers still install the drainage pipe in parallel with the copper pipe to make it neat. However, if the drain hose is cracked, it will cause water to overflow and water in the copper pipe. In the long run it can cause copper tubes to oxidize and deteriorate rapidly.

Air-conditioner running in cold water in the house and how to fix it - 4

Air-conditioner is running water in copper tube

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