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Akshay Kumar does not eat anything after 6 pm, does workouts early in the morning, know

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar gives tough competition to the youth regarding his fitness. He looks quite fit even after spending more than 29 years in the film industry. Akshay Kumar has worked hard to reach this point. Along with acting, Akshay Kumar also remains in the headlines for his fitness. The actor wakes up every day at 4.30 in the morning and goes to sleep till 9 in the night, mostly he avoids the night shift.

The biggest secret of Akshay Kumar’s fitness is his timely meals. During an interview, the actor had revealed that he does not eat anything after 6 pm. He had told that even in the scriptures it is written that we should not eat after sunset. Actors do not go to a party very quickly, this is also one of the reasons. renewable Fall asleep between 9 and 10 pm. Many stars of the film industry have also mentioned in their interviews that Akshay Kumar is going for exercise when he is returning after partying late at night.

Apart from this, Akshay Kumar does not consume alcohol. Actually, the actor believes that the consumption of alcohol not only has a negative effect on health, but apart from this, the face also starts losing its complexion. The actor also goes for basketball two to three times a week to increase his stamina. When he gets time, he goes swimming with his son. Actors exercise regularly.

Akshay Kumar’s Diet: of bollywood Khiladi Kumar In breakfast, paratha, a glass of milk, juice or milkshake and eggs are consumed. After this, he eats fruits, dry fruits and green vegetables in snacks. Akshay Kumar likes to have lentils, roti, green vegetables and boiled chicken during lunch.

In dinner, Khiladi Kumar consumes soup, green vegetables and salad. Let us tell you, Akshay Kumar does not take protein shake, he believes that it does not harm in long runs.

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