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Alia Bhatt reveals the secret of her glowing skin, know her morning skincare routine

Alia Bhatt Skincare Routine: Alia Bhatt, the best and beautiful Bollywood actress, is known for her acting as well as beauty. Fans are also convinced of her glowing skin. Not only boys, girls are also crazy about their beauty. In a YouTube video, Alia Bhatt is seen telling that skincare routine is also an important part of her life. In her video, Alia has told how she takes care of her skin.

Early morning routine: According to Alia, when she stays in her vanity in the morning, she keeps a traveling skincare kit with her. Aliya She says that she first uses a spray to dampen her face and massages it for a minute or two with a skin massager.

Keeps dark circles and dryness away like this: This Bollywood actress, who started her acting career with Student of the Year, uses eye cream to keep dark circles and dry skin away. After this she applies Watermelon Niacinamide. Let us tell you that it is a type of vitamin B-3 which keeps the skin smooth and moisturized. In addition, it also removes the problem of hyperpigmentation.

She says that using it can get rid of fine lines. Protects from pollution and hydrates and regenerates the skin. Alia further says that whatever things you apply on the face, you must apply them on the neck and hands.

Here is the third step: In this video, Alia says that in the third step, she uses caffeine solution drops under her eyes. This reduces swelling and water retention under the eyes. After this, Alia applies a moisturizer made from watermelon juice. Then use sunscreen.

in video Aliya Explaining the importance of sunscreen, she says that even if you are not exposed to the sun’s rays, apply sunscreen. Due to this, the skin is protected from sunburn, as well as the signs of aging are also less visible. However, it is very important to clean the skin before applying anything on the skin.


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