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Aluminum foil is effective in removing rust stains, makes these tasks easy

Aluminum foil is used in all households to pack food for lunch. Because, aluminum foil keeps food warm. But along with keeping food warm, aluminum foil also makes things easier for you to do. Today we will tell you about some hacks related to aluminum foil, which can make your everyday life easier.

-Aluminum foil helps to remove rust stains: Rust stains often appear on clothes during the summer season. These stubborn stains don’t go away easily, even after cleaning them with plenty of soap and surfactants. In this case, you can take the help of aluminum foil. For this, crush the foil in a fist and make a ball out of it.

Then soak this ball in cold water and rub it with light hands on the rusty area. By doing this the rust stains gradually disappear.

-Aluminum foil is effective in improving the signal of Wi-Fi: It often happens that the Wi-Fi signal is good at some place of the house, and remains weak at other places. Instead of having a weak Wi-Fi signal, there is also a problem in working. In this case, you can use aluminum foil to fix the Wi-Fi signals.

For this, you can put aluminum foil on the top of the Wi-Fi antenna by curving it. This strengthens the internet connectivity.

-Fabrics can be press from both sides simultaneously: Pressing seems to be the most difficult task in the summer season. In this case, you can take the help of aluminum foil to press the clothes easily from both the sides. For this, lay the aluminum foil on the pressing area. Then place the cloth on the foil and press it. This also heats up the aluminum foil and presses the fabric from the other side as well.

Apart from this, you can also clean the press ie iron plate through aluminum foil. Often the plate turns black due to burning while pressing. In this case, you can clean the plate through aluminum foil.

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