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Amarinder used to go to Nehru’s bungalow to have fun, Rajiv Gandhi had brought him into politics.

Captain Amarinder Singh studied with Rajiv Gandhi in Doon School. During the holidays, he often accompanied Rajiv Gandhi to the bungalow of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Captain Amarinder Singh on Saturday tendered his resignation as the Chief Minister of Punjab in the midst of a Captain Vs Sidhu battle. The Captain led the Congress to victory in Punjab at a time when the Modi-Shah rhetoric was ringing across the country and the Congress was being wiped out from many states. The credit for Congress’s victory in the 2017 assembly elections goes to Amarinder Singh. Captain Amarinder Singh has a long association with the Congress party. Rajiv Gandhi was his school friend.

Amarinder Singh used to go on holidays at Jawaharlal Nehru’s bungalow- Amarinder Singh was a descendant of the then princely state of Patiala. He used to study in Doon School with Rajiv Gandhi. During the holidays, he often accompanied Rajiv Gandhi to the bungalow of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The friendship of both was very strong and together with Rajiv Gandhi, he used to have a lot of fun at Nehru’s residence during the holidays.

3 years service to the country in the Sikh Regiment Amarinder Singh, an alumnus of the National Defense Academy and the Indian Military Academy, joined the Sikh Regiment in 1963. However, he left the army only after 3 years in 1966. In fact, the captain had submitted his resignation before the 1965 war, but due to the sensitive atmosphere due to the war, he was called back. However, then he only took over the administrative work.

Rajiv Gandhi brought in politics- It was Rajiv Gandhi who taught the lessons of politics to Captain Amarinder Singh. At his behest, he contested from Patiala in 1977, immediately after the Emergency. He had to face defeat in this election but Captain Amarinder had understood the political maneuvering. In the 1980 Lok Sabha elections, Rajiv Gandhi fielded Amarinder Singh as the Sikh leader to check the growing influence of the Akali Dal in Punjab. He won this election and reached the Lok Sabha.

Congress left after Operation Blue Star In 1984, when the military action on the Golden Temple took place under Operation Blue Star, Amarinder became very angry with the Congress. He recalls many times that he was playing golf in Himachal’s Naldehra when he got the news of Operation Blue Star on the radio. In a conversation with The Indian Express, he had said that he would write a book on the events unfolding in Punjab during the dark decade of terrorism.

After this incident, he resigned from the Lok Sabha and broke his ties with the Congress party. After that he joined Akali Dal. At that time the Akali Dal government was in Punjab. He was made a minister in the then Surjit Singh Barnala government. But Amarinder’s political journey here also did not last long and he left the Akali Dal and formed his own party, Akali Dal (Panthak).

The party also contested the assembly elections thrice but could not get the love of the people. In 1998, he merged his party with the Congress. In the year 2002, Captain led the Congress to victory in Punjab and he became the Chief Minister.


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