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Amazing skin benefits of cinnamon pack, know how to remove acne on face-Skin Care Tips

In summer, the strong sun and hot winds have a very bad effect on the skin. Skin problems are more during this season. Small pimples start coming out on the face due to high heat. The rash on the face comes out due to sweating, which is also itchy. Sweating is the reason for the appearance of rash on the face. In summer there is excessive sweating, due to which the skin pores start clogging, and the rash starts coming out on the face. Many times, due to not cleaning the skin properly, the rash starts coming out on the face.

According to experts, do not allow sweat to accumulate on the face in summer and clean the face properly so that these fine grains do not come on the face. These pimples coming on the face can also be treated with cinnamon present in the kitchen. Cinnamon is a spice that enhances the taste of food and also benefits the skin in many ways. Let us know how to use cinnamon on the skin.

Benefits of cinnamon for the skin: Cinnamon is a spice rich in anti-bacterial properties that benefits the skin in many ways. Using it on the skin removes the dullness of the skin and improves the complexion of the skin. Using cinnamon as a pack makes the skin glowing and beautiful.

If wrinkles have come on the face, then cinnamon pack is very effective to remove them. Cinnamon rich in anti-oxidant properties, removes dead cells and brightens the skin. Removes dark patches on the skin. Cinnamon also helps to get rid of acne on the skin. This spice proves to be very effective in removing the blemishes of the face. Let us know how to use cinnamon, which is rich in medicinal properties, to remove facial pimples.

Cinnamon pack to get rid of pimples on face: Take two to three pieces of cinnamon and grind them to make a powder. Add one spoon of honey to the powder and mix it well. Apply the prepared pack on the face for 15-20 minutes. Wash the face with water after 20 minutes. Apply this pack twice a week to get rid of facial pimples. Cinnamon rich in anti-bacterial properties can be used with honey to get rid of facial pimples.


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