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An association from Le Havre will make 100 French films accessible to visually and hearing impaired people



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The association “Les Yeux dits” has embarked on the ambitious project “100 films 100% accessible” which consists of audio describing and subtitling 100 masterpieces of French cinema. The first feature films will be available this summer on the Médiathèque Numérique and La Cinetek platforms. #IlsOntLaSolution.

The atmosphere is studious in the premises of the association The so-called eyes, based in Le Havre. Marie Gaumy is an audio descriptor. With her team, she is at the origin of the ambitious project which consists of making 100 French films accessible to the visually and hearing impaired. The demand is strong, the work titanic. “It is estimated that on average, it takes an hour of work to describe a minute of film”, she explains.

The job is not only to caption the dialogues and tell what people with disabilities cannot perceive. It takes a real talent for writing and knowledge of the 7th art. “We will adapt to the style of the film”, specifies Marie Gaumy. “We are not going to describe in the same way The uncle gunslingers or Lady Chatterley’s Lover. You have to adapt to the lexical level, to the level of syntax and to the style of the film “.

In France, there are 8 million people with visual or hearing disabilities and few films are easily accessible to them. This project will allow them, thanks to a free application, to have access to these audio descriptions and subtitles on the Digital Media Library (Arte) and Cinetek platforms.

Stolen kisses by François Truffaut and Les Valseuses by Bertrand Blier are among the first five audio-described films that will be available this summer. The goal is to then release 25 films per year.

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