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An unmanned Tesla car crashed into a tree, two people died

AmericaAn uninhabited electric car in the Tesla driver’s seat crashed into a tree in Houston, Texas, killing two men.

The Tesla Model S 2019 moves at high speed on a Houston street on the night of April 17. On a curve, the car pulled off the road and crashed into a tree, burning.

The scene of the Tesla electric car burned down after crashing into a tree in the city of Houston, Texas, USA on April 17. Image: Twitter / KPRC2Deven.

After the fire was extinguished, authorities determined that one person in the front passenger seat and the other in the back seat had died. Two victims were born in 1962 and 1951.

“Nobody was in the driver’s seat,” said Sergeant Cinthya Umanzor of Harris County No. 4 Police District.

Tesla and the US National Traffic Safety Administration have not yet commented on the crash.

The incident occurred as Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system became increasingly closely monitored after recent accidents and as the company was preparing to release updated “fully autonomous” software for many. more customers. The US car safety agency said last month it had opened 27 investigations into the Tesla car crashes, including three recent incidents.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk in January expressed his hope of reaping huge profits from its fully-fledged self-driving software and said he was “very confident the car would be able to drive itself with reliability far beyond me.” people this year “.

Self-driving technology must overcome safety and regulatory barriers to commercial success.

Huyen Le (According to the Reuters)


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