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Animation: “Ride Your Wave” by Masaaki Yuasa, love story and surfing off the Japanese coast

Japanese director Masaaki Yuasa and his colorful universe return to theaters on September 1 with a new animated film, Ride Your Wave. In line with his previous feature film, Lou and the siren island, released in 2017, it depicts the heart stories of a bunch of young people, to the rhythm of the sound of the waves.

Under a blazing sun and white sand beaches, Ride Your Wave extends the vacation time in the company of a group of young adults with very distinct characters. Hinaka has been passionate about surfing since she was little. While she has just finished high school, she decides to leave the family cocoon and move to the city of her childhood, near the ocean. Instead of preparing for her return to university and unpacking her boxes, the young woman prefers to spend her days surfing, under the discreet and shy gaze of a novice firefighter, Minato. One evening when her building ignites due to a fireworks accident, she is saved by the latter with whom she instantly falls in love.

This idyllic love story unfolds in a colorful and sunny universe. The couple, at the center of the plot, dedicate unfailing admiration to each other. Masaaki Yuasa, he explained, wanted to make a movie “which gives courage”, and where the characters are “heroes for each other”. Hinako and Minato are close-knit, cute and endearing, which makes their separation all the more painful. Their duet is reminiscent of that of Holly and Jerry in PS: I Love You or that of Molly and Sam in Ghost.

Hinako and Minato, the two heroes of the animated film "Ride Your Wave" by Masaaki Yuasa.  (ALBA FILMS)

Masaaki Yuasa’s designs also stand out from the model of masters of Japanese animated film such as Hayao Miyasaki. His characters are thin and slender and the colors more raw and vivid.

As is customary in Japanese animated films, Ride Your Wave draws on the traditions and the way of life of the land of the rising sun to nourish its history. Young Hinako blushes in front of Minato, for example, when she realizes that she cannot read his first name because of the complexity of the characters.

Ride Your Wave makes you want to surf. But not only: to the sound of a song by the Japanese pop boy-band Generations from Exile Tribe which gives sat the rate of the whole film, this one mobilizes each of our senses for an immersive cinematic experience. We smell the smell of coffee boiling, the taste of rice omelet and hear the sound of the waves.

Animated movie poster "Ride Your Wave" by Masaaki Yuasa.  (ALBA FILM)

Kind : Animation
Director : Masaaki Yuasa
With : Ryōta Katayose, Rina Kawaei, Honoka Matsumoto
Country : Japan
Duration : 1h35
Exit : January 8, 2020
Distributer : Alba Films

Synopsis : Hinako, a young girl passionate about surfing, moves to a seaside town. During a fire, she is saved by a firefighter named Minato. From this incident will be born an incredible fusion between two beings that everything opposes.

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