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Another galaxy sends a rainbow signal down to Earth 18 times

Monday, April 19, 2021 1:05 pm (GMT + 7)

This “alien rainbow” image of an international group of astrophysics has just released shows how strange radio signals from another galaxy approach the Earth’s Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope.

The strange rainbow colors in the actual image are often invisible, but rather the spectral image of a radio flash, an extremely powerful form of radio signal. The signal with the higher frequency (purple) approaches the Earth first, the part with the lowest frequency (red) approaches the last.

Graphic image depicting special radio flashes FRB 180916.J0158 +65 transmitting down the Earth’s LOFAR – Photo: ASTRON

According to Sci-News, radio lightning (FRB) is a mysterious explosion of energy from the universe, emitted only in extremely short time (a few milliseconds), but carrying energy equal to about 10,000 years of energy amount of the Sun. The source of the radio flash remains a mystery. Previous studies have suggested that this type of signal could be caused by a supernova explosion, a neutron collision or even a signal from an alien civilization.

This time, the international team led by McGill University astronomer Ziggy Pleunis (UK) focused on research FRB 180916.J0158 +65, a burst of radio waves first discovered in 2018 thanks to CHIME radio telescope (located in Canada) and has repeated it 18 times so far.

They used the Dutch Radio Astronomy Institute (ASTRON) LOFAR super-telescope to study this anomalous signal further.

This is also the lowest frequency radio burst ever recorded. It can go down to 110 MHz, even lower, while previous studies have believed that it must be at 300 MHz or higher for radio flashes to be able to transmit very far and reach Earth by signals. too low frequencies are quickly absorbed by cosmic structures. The source of this particular signal is a mysterious object about 500 million light years away from us, belonging to another galaxy.

This signal source also produces more or less different flashes of radio waves at different times. Researchers believe that the emitting mysterious object is a binary star. The area around it must be extremely transparent and it has clearly found a very “clunky” way to reach the Earth and remains strong, not being absorbed in the middle.

The research has just been published in the scientific journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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