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Anti-hunting posters of the Brigitte Bardot foundation: the hunters of the Landes file a complaint

The new campaign of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation arouses the anger of hunters. One can read in particular on the deployed panels “Hunters, save lives, stay home!“.

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Landais hunters are filing a complaint, France Bleu Gascogne has learned, while an anti-hunting campaign is displayed in the streets of many cities in France, at the initiative of the Brigitte Bardot foundation.

On the hunters’ side, this campaign is shocking“, explains France Bleu Gascogne, while around fifty large panels are deployed in the Landes.”Hunters, save lives, stay home!“can we read there.”A complaint for defamation, incitement to hatred and discrimination has been filed“, reports France Bleu.

For his part, Daniel Raposo, representative of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Atlantic Pyrenees, believes that “hunters have a hobby that kills” and “this campaign is part of societal expectations. 78% of French people want Sundays without hunting“. According to France Bleu Périgord, the hunters of Dordogne are also planning to file a complaint.

On its site, the National Federation of Hunters announces that it is initiating legal proceedings for the removal of these posters and indicates that it wants “seize the Minister of the Interior so that this association and its president, who declared a little while ago that some French overseas were under-men, be definitively put out of harm’s way“.

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