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Appeared pair of habitable planets, 1 of 2 unbelievable varieties of Earth

Thursday, November 19, 2020, 19:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(NLO) – The star system centered on the red dwarf LHS 1140 has up to 2 out of 3 planets in the “life zone”, which can possess a form of ocean almost identical to the Earth.

The red dwarf LHS 1140, also known as Gliese 3053, is a much cooler “cooler” type of star than our Sun. The star is about one-fifth the size of the Sun, already 5 billion years old.

Dr. Jorge Lillo-Box from CSIC-INTA Center for Astronomy (Spain) and colleagues collected 113 sets of observational data using the “radial velocity” technique that the station’s EPRESSO spectroscopy equipment. Southern European astronomy and NASA’s TESS satellite collected in the space around this red dwarf.

The results showed that the closer planet, named LHS 1140b, is a super earth that orbits its parent star every 3.77 days, with mass 6.5 times that of Earth. The second planet is LHS 1140c, which is 1.8 masses of Earth and orbits the parent star every 24.7 days.

Both planets belong to the “life zone” of the parent star, which is sufficient to possess liquid water and a suitable climate for organisms similar to that of Earth. More surprisingly, scientists also discovered the existence of an ocean about 670-779 km deep. The planet itself is likened to Earth’s “twin brother” by the authors.

This star system also has a 1140d LHS crystal, orbiting its parent star every 78.9 days, 4.8 times heavier than Earth. However, it appears to be an icy planet, too cold to live in.

The research has just been published in the scientific journal Astronomy & Biology.

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