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Apple flattened developers to try to bribe iOS 14.5 users

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 16:30 PM (GMT + 7)

iOS 14.5 has officially implemented the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, but it has also given advertising-based companies a headache.

With ATT, users will receive a prompt asking if they want to allow a third-party application to continue monitoring them as they browse the internet, or request that a specific app not do so. About 1/3 of iPhone users are expected to allow themselves to be tracked mainly for the purpose of receiving online advertisements.

App Tracking Transparency is the “enemy” of companies like Facebook.

Thus, with about two-thirds of iOS users planning to ask these apps not to track them, some critics, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, assume that ATT will lead to the death of small businesses. Considering that online advertising accounted for the majority of Facebook’s $ 84 billion in revenue last year, it’s clear that Facebook is also harming in no small way.

Regarding the release of iOS 14.5, Apple has also updated the “User Interface Guidelines” to include a new section titled “Accessing User Data”. In this section, Apple writes, “Starting with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, you must use the App Tracking Transparency framework to request permission from a user if you want to track them or access the ad identifier above. their equipment ”.

Apple is concerned about companies trying to bribe users to allow them to stay tuned. Apple warns apps not to offer incentives to be accepted for tracking with preferential incentives.


Many companies may launch incentives to “bribe” users with tracking ads.

Essentially, Apple believes that ATT will get companies to make promises to consumers that will make them choose to follow. Apple says companies may not use words like “Continue”, “Allow” or any other term that might make people think they are granting permission or performing other actions on the screen. your custom.

Ultimately, Apple asserts that any company that doesn’t comply with Apple’s rules will face having their apps removed from the App Store.

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