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Apple had to slow down the old phone, now it will have to pay a fine of billions

Apple, which is making its own worldwide identity in technology, is in churches due to a controversy this time. In fact, the company will pay a fine of 113 million dollars i.e. about 8.3 billion rupees for the agreement of batterygate case. The company will pay the sum of 45.54 billion rupees to slow down the old iPhone of its users. Let’s know what is the whole matter.

This is the whole matter
Actually, three years ago, Apple released such an update, due to which the old phones of the company slowed down and the company did not even inform the users in advance. After this update of Apple, the old iPhone got slowed down. When people complained about this, the company said in its cleaning that the phone should not be disturbed and the phone should not be closed due to the battery, so the company has done so. However, people did not like this cleanliness of the company and people guessed that Apple is slowing down the old iPhone by forcing people to buy new phones.

Court said companies should not be misled
After this, about 34 states of America decided to go to court against Apple. At the same time, Arizona’s Attorney Journal Mark Bernovic said in a statement that big companies should not mislead users and warn them in advance about their products practices. He further said that if the big technology companies hide the truth from their customers, then I am committed to giving the companies the responsibility of their adventures.

Apple admitted mistake
At the same time, the US court ordered Apple to give $ 25 to all those American users who have been affected by this update. IPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE were affected by this update. Although Apple agreed to pay the fine, the company was still not ready to admit its mistake. Also, the company also admitted that the old iPhones were slowed down through the update, but also clarified that this was done so that the battery would be safe.

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