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Apple hires former senior BMW employee to build electric cars

Apple has hired Ulrich Kranz, a former member of BMW’s electric vehicle division, to help support the American electronics company’s electric vehicle project.

The information was confirmed by Apple on June 10. Kranz, who was recently the CEO of electric vehicle startup Canoo, will report to Doug Field, who once directed development of the Tesla Model 3 and now leads Apple’s electric vehicle project.

Ulrich Kranz while working at Canoo. Image: Xinhua

The iPhone maker’s efforts to enter the auto industry, known as Project Titan, were founded in 2014 but have not been fully focused. At one point, Apple considered stopping and re-evaluating the goals of this project. However, after that, the company continued to deploy Project Titan after hiring Field in 2018. Field laid off 190 members of the project, recruiting people who were better at self-driving cars to work.

Kranz left BMW in 2016 and quickly became chief technology officer at Faraday Future, an electric vehicle startup based in Los Angeles. But just three months later, Kranz left and became the co-founder of Canoo, a similar startup based in California. Even Canoo is said to have made deals to sell to Apple and other companies.

Meanwhile, Apple has worked with BMW for many years, integrating the iPod with the car’s infotainment system in 2004 and recently turning the iPhone into a car key. Apple’s Tim Cook was also spotted inspecting a BMW i8 outside Apple’s California headquarters in 2014, and company managers have also visited BMW’s headquarters over the years.

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