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Apple released iOS 14.2.1 bug fix for iPhone 12 series

Friday, November 20, 2020, 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

IOS 14.2.1 update helps fix errors related to sound quality, MMS messages, unresponsive lock screen on iPhone 12 series.

This update is exclusively released for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple’s newest line of phones at the moment. If you’re using other versions of iPhone (running iOS 14), you won’t see this update on your device.

iOS 14.2.1 helps fix bugs on iPhone 12 series. Photo: 9to5mac

According to information from Apple, the iOS 14.2.1 update helps to fix errors related to MMS messages, some hearing aids for iPhone have problems with sound quality, lock screen on iPhone 12 mini no response… and some other issues. For information about the security update, you can visit

To update to the latest version of iOS, go to Settings – General – Software update – Download & Install (download and install). Note, the size of the update may vary depending on the device you are using.

Before conducting the update, users should back up all data on the iPhone via iTunes or iCloud to minimize possible risks.

Apple released iOS 14.2.1 fixes for iPhone 12 series - 2

Update iPhone to the latest version to improve performance.

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